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on the market.

About BeeVenom touch

The first cream that saw the light of day in June 2021. was the BeeVenom touch massage cream for pain relief – after less than three months, the cream was recognized throughout Croatia, and we found ourselves at the door of a leading pharmaceutical giant that wanted to become the main distributor of our products in the pharmacy segment. At the time of signing the contract, the rest of the research for our other two bee venom creams – an anti-cellulite cream and a face cream – had been completed.

The face cream proved to be a hit for the fairer sex, and we received great praise from customers and reviews that well-known and renowned brands can only dream of – from “ironing out” wrinkles, all the way to the complete disappearance of acne and blackheads.
The anti-cellulite cream was made in cooperation with an expert team that successfully combined the synergy of two very powerful components that had never been combined before, namely: bee venom and caffeine. It is known that caffeine destroys fatty subcutaneous tissue, while bee venom successfully breaks it down through increased circulation and makes the skin tighter and softer.

Tvrtko’s first encounter with bees

As a young student of the first year of agronomy, in 2010. , Tvrtko Matijević got the opportunity to help his beekeeper friend from Virovitica in moving bees from acacia pasture to linden pasture. Since he had only seen bees on flowers before, this was his first opportunity in an environment with about a hundred beehives containing more than 4.5 million bees. Since his friend did not care about his beekeeping equipment, Tvrtko got a beekeeping suit with holes, and instead of beekeeping gloves – gloves for cleaning toilets and fishing boots two sizes smaller. After suffering 46 stings from bees that managed to break through the improvised suit, Tvrtko decided to buy his first three hives anyway. Of course, the priority in the beginning was to invest in beekeeping equipment and buy appropriate footwear, Tvrtko recalls with a smile on his face.

After the first beekeeping season, he was left with only one hive that survived, and all because he did not properly prepare the bees for wintering. Determined to continue, he bought three more colonies and with hard work, reading literature and constantly learning from his own mistakes – he successfully kept all four hives alive that winter. The following season, he swarmed the existing hives, so with the purchase of ten new colonies, he slowly began to feel like a real beekeeper with a total of 18 of his own hives.

What is bee venom?

Bee venom is a thick liquid that bees produce inside their bodies. It has been used in medicine for many years in the treatment of various diseases, and we call this method of treatment apitherapy. Melittin makes up about 52% of all peptides in the venom, and serves as a strong anti-inflammatory agent and causes the secretion of cortisol. Melittin is also the main component for determining the quality of bee venom.

Bee venom application

Traditional medicine

It is used as an antirheumatic in traditional medicine. Recent research on the use of bee venom in treatment shows that bee venom reduces pain, lowers blood pressure, lowers blood cholesterol and increases work capacity.

Modern medicine

It protects the body from infectious diseases. It is used as a medicine for the treatment of joint inflammation, various neuralgias and acute inflammation of blood vessels. Treatments for bee stings are specifically described. Bee venom and the use of bee stings are an accepted part of basic medicine.


Due to the increased use of bee venom in the pharmaceutical industry (about 75 isolated components), today it is obtained by electrical stimulation of bees.