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Project title: Development of Innovative Health-Beneficial Creams Based on Encapsulated Bee Venom
Beneficiary: BEE LEONITUS d.o.o.
Reference: Non-repayable Grants for Newly Established Companies (NPOO.C1.1.2.R2-I3.02)
Operational program: National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NPOO)

Short project description: Through the implementation of this project, Bee Leonitus LLC will develop and complete new innovative products – creams based on encapsulated bee venom, aiming to increase the production capacity and investment readiness of the company.
Project Goals and Expected Results: The objective of this project is to develop and complete a new innovative product – cream based on encapsulated (MicroApiCap technology) bee venom, representing a radical innovation in the global market, with the purpose of increasing the production capacities and investment readiness of Bee Leonitus. By implementing this project, the innovation, through activities of experimental development, including prototyping and incubation activities, as well as pilot production and technology demonstration, will reach a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 8 and will be ready for commercialization (the innovation will have an established and qualified technological system). This will resolve the central internal problem – the inability to complete new innovative products according to market demands. The target group of the project includes a wider population of users of anti-aging cosmetic products.

Total Eligible Project Costs (In HRK): 169.048,75 HRK
Amount Co-financed by the EU (in HRK): 124.070,51 HRK
Project Implementation Period: 1.12.2022.-1.12.2024.
Contact Person for More Information: Tvrtko Matijević, [email protected]