BeeVenom Touch – Face cream

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Bee venom creates an effect of a mild bee sting that isn’t felt or seen on the surface of the skin which increases blood flow and increases natural collagen and elastin production.




Face cream with bee venom

Antioxidant and anti-age effects revitalise and clean the face. Relaxes the muscles and insures a natural polished look.

Bee venom

A rich combination of active ingredients and bee venom nourish the skin with ageing signs. Helps reduce the ageing process and creation of wrinkles, as well as reducing the visibility of existing ones. Maintains a fresh and youthful look.

Age reversal

Innovative combination of ingredients helps hydrate and revitalise the skin and reduce the creation of new and appearance of existing wrinkles and lines on face.

Cleans pores and acts on acnes, eczemas and other unwanted skin conditions, maintaining a fresh and youthful look. Stimulating natural anti-inflammatory processes, the cream also maintains an even skin tone for a brighter, smoother and livelier skin.

In seven days, the cream increases firmness, reduces the visibility of wrinkles and increases collagen production.

50 ml

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